Waking Up- Stage 1- Victimhood (Part 1)


A renowned spiritual leader, surrounded by his closest followers, was lying on his death bed nearing his last breath when he sat up and opened his eyes in wonder. When his followers asked him what he was experiencing, he simply said: “I’m waking up!”, then he died.

I think this story is a great metaphor for life itself. We are here to wake up from unconsciousness so we can move into a state of love. After all, it is in unconsciousness that we stay trapped in cycles of perpetual suffering. Speaking of suffering, have you noticed that there is a pattern to your suffering? A common thread? That’s by design. The repetitive nature of your suffering is because there is what has been called a ‘sacred wound’ that is at the root of your suffering.

Until we become conscious of what our sacred wound actually is, we will remain trapped in the lowest stage of the awakening process; the stage of victimhood. When we are trapped in the victimhood stage, we incorrectly believe that the source of our suffering lies outside of us. This inevitably leads to blame and scapegoating another person, place, thing, system, etc… as being the source of our suffering. This is an illusion that keeps us feeling like a victim to someone or something outside of our control.

Here is the paradigm shifting truth, however. Our suffering is always coming from inside of us. It’s never sourced externally. The truth is, the world we perceive around us is always a projection of the world inside of us. When our perceptions change from within, so does our perception and experience with the world around us.

So, does that mean none of us have truly been victims of injustice that have caused suffering in our lives? Please understand, I am not saying we have not been victimized in life along the way. I am simply saying that we are not victims. There is a vast difference between being victimized, and taking on an identity of a ‘victim’. I’ll talk more about this in my next email.

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