Waking up- Stage 1- Vicitmhood (Part 2)


Have you ever wondered why some people experience horrendous atrocities and hardships in life, yet go on to achieve great things while others seem to be held back and defined by their past? Why do some people who have been victimized by great atrocities see themselves as 'victims’, while others do not? Many people who have been victimized yet remain empowered and successful in their lives have one major ability that those who see themselves as ‘victims’ do not have. Victims see their present tense reality through the lens of their past pain. Because of this, victims cannot discern the difference between their past pain and their present reality. This is precisely why patters of hardship and suffering keep repeating for those that see themselves as ‘victims’. Here is the paradigm shifting truth, however. Those that have overcome tremendous injustices and hardships and go on to experience success understand that their past is NOT their present.

They understand that the defining characteristic of the present is that it is new and uncharted, full of infinite possibilities. This is key to breaking repetitive patterns of hardship and suffering.

If you discover that past problems and patterns of suffering keep continuing and cycling back around in your life, this means there is an energetic tie or attachment that still exists and is keeping you attached to your past.

When people realize that each present moment is completely new and full of infinite possibilities, not imprisoned and chained to the past, they realize that the present moment can be created and steered any way they may choose. Realizing this truth leads us out of stage 1 (Victimhood), and into stage 2 of the awakening process. I will talk more about stage 2 in my next email.

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