Waking Up- Stage 2- Intention (part two)


“It’s really difficult to change”, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works”, “I can’t catch a break” “I can’t break free from this”… Have you ever heard these kinds of statements before? Have you ever spoken these kinds of statements before? I know I have. These are more than statements, however. They are self defeating commands (intentions) that shape our lives and experiences. In my last email / article, I talked about the power of intention and how Liz (pictured above) went from living on the streets as a homeless teenager to being admitted to the prestigious Harvard college just a few years later. She did this incredible feat because of the simple power of intention. Liz changed her life’s trajectory with a simple intention. If change happens through something as simple as an intention, however, why do so many people stay trapped in repetitive unhealthy cycles?

In my experience, the number one way that people undercut the power of intention is due to unempowering beliefs like those I mentioned above. For example, many people believe that true change in life is difficult. Was it really “difficult” for Liz to go back to school and get straight A’s however? Well, it depends on your perspective. For Liz, it was actually easier to go back to school than it was to remain aimless and homeless. The stress, the isolation, the hopelessness of the streets, etc… these were what were truly difficult. Associating with teachers who believed in her potential, imagining a beautiful future for her life, etc… these were much much easier. When Liz realized that remaining the same was much more difficult than change, that’s when she became open to the power of a new empowering intention.

Here is a paradigm shifting truth: Moving into our most awakened and empowered self is always easier than remaining stuck in powerlessness and unconsciousness. It’s only when we understand this truth that we will be willing to embrace a new and empowering intention for our lives. Embracing empowering intentions prepares us for the third stage of the awakening process. This will be the subject of my next article.

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