Life Coaching

~ Are you free to love without inhibition?

~ Are the relationships in your life a source of joy, or of drama and pain? 

~ Does your life feel abundant and fulfilling, or stuck in a holding pattern?

~ Is there an area of life in which you long to experience a significant breakthrough?

We are all on a journey, and I'm convinced there isn't a person alive who doesn't need help along the way.  The truth is, our lives and our freedom are vitally important for the sake of the world.  None of us are here by chance.  Our lives matter and we are all destined for significance.  Along the way, however, we've been affected by the things we've experienced in life. We've also been affected by the choices of others beyond our control.  Some of those things stand as obstacles on our path until we work through them, and sometimes we need help clearing the way.  

As a coach, my heart's desire is to serve you (wherever you may be) to help you safely identify and work through any obstacles that may be keeping you from moving forward on your journey in life and love. My strength as a coach is not because I haven't had (or currently do have) significant challenges in my life, but because I have learned how to navigate through them.  

If you feel I may be able to serve you in this way, or if you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to connect with me.