Episode 1: Welcome To The Love Cast!

Dear friends, I am super excited to announce that today is truly a monumental day! I am beyond excited to announce to you that my new weekly podcast is born at last! I see this new podcast as being another opportunity to continue the vitally important conversation that was initiated by my new book Free To Love. There are some incredible topics planned in the weeks ahead, and I look forward to the conversations that we will have. The name of this new podcast is The Love Cast with Jamal.

The Love Cast is available on iTunes where other podcasts can be found. I’m not sure if you subscribe and listen to other podcasts regularly, but I’d like to encourage you to subscribe to The Love Cast. The Love Cast will be a weekly show addressing important topics and interviews that you will not want to miss. Listening to podcasts have never been easier as they can be downloaded or streamed directly to your smart phone. Podcasts normally are made available via iTunes. The iTunes Podcast app is on all iPhones, and is available for Android devices too. The Love Cast with Jamal will also be available on Google Play in a few days as well.

The very first episode of The Love Cast is now up and ready! Can you believe it?! In this first episode, I share my overall vision for The Love Cast as a new weekly podcast. I give an explanation as to why the name The Love Cast was chosen for this weekly podcast show, and why The Love Cast is a vital continuation of the conversation that was initiated by my recent book Free To Love.

Also in this episode, I define the term buzz word and talk about how buzz words contrast with reality. I talk about why the term ‘Christ’ has actually become another buzz word by becoming disconnected from the reality of Christ, which is love personified through relationships. In addition to this, I talk about why religious deconstruction is necessary and what the specific topics that will be discussed in the weeks ahead will be.

Here is the link to The Love Cast with Jamal. You can listen or download it directly from here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Subscribing to The Love Cast will make sure you stay updated each week as a new episode is added. Enjoy!


You can also listen to episode 1 of The Love Cast HERE.

P.S. This podcast can also be found in the iTunes store by putting in the words ‘The Love Cast with Jamal’ in the search category.