Episode 48: The Beautifully Disruptive Way of Love.

Have you ever encountered the beautifully disruptive *way* of love? This is the final episode of The Love Cast before Jamal leaves to embark on a 5-6 week hike (The El-Camino) in northern Spain.  In this episode, Jamal shares four truths about the beautifully disruptive *way* of love that may be helpful for you.  

In the first part of this episode, Jamal shares a few important housekeeping updates about his upcoming trip and why he is taking a short break from The Love Cast on this trip. 

The message about the beautifully disruptive way of love begins at the 12:30 mark.  Give this episode a careful listen.  

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In case you missed Jamal's recent conversation with Quoir authors Keith Giles & Matthew Distefano about why the Penal Substitution Atonement theory enshrines violence, you can listen to them here.  There never has been a more important time for this discussion: 

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