Episode 83: Embracing The Beauty of Masculinity: An Interview With Lucas Gifford

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews renowned life coach Lucas Gifford about the beauty of true masculinity.  Lucas is the creator of the dynamic program for men called The Masterheart Man.  

In this episode, Lucas talks about why most men are allowing their shadow masculine essence run their lives as opposed to their highest masculine essence.  As a result, many men are living as little boys wrapped in an adult man's body.  This manifests as either powerlessness and impotence (emotionally, spiritually, physically), or as a tyrant and bully.  Both are manifestations of toxic masculinity.

Within each man is also a feminine essence, yet many men are unaware of this and have a dysfunctional relationship with the feminine essence in themselves and in their relationships which prevents them from assuming the role of lover they are destined to be.  Give this significant episode a careful listen. 

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