Episode 54: Is God A Mother? Why The Motherhood of God Is Unknown or Offensive In Traditional Christianity...A Conversation With Aly Sousa

In traditional Christianity, God is almost exclusively understood in masculine terms.  God is always a 'He' and a 'Father', but almost never is God referred to in the feminine as 'She' or as 'Mother'?  Not only is this absent from the typical Christian understanding of God, referring to the divine through a feminine grid is often met with disdain and hostility.       

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal Jivanjee and Aly Sousa sit down to talk about why this occurs, how this damages humanity at a psychological level, and even how this contributes to sexual repression.  Could the 'Way' of Jesus (as understood in the days of Jesus) be just as much about the revelation of God as mother as well as father?  Could this original understanding of the gospel have been purposely concealed?  This episode deserves a careful hearing from start to finish.  

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