Episode 55: Interview With International Peace Activist Jimmy Figueiredo

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews public health advocate and international peace activist Jimmy Figueiredo about his life's work of helping international revolutionaries and freedom fighters transition from conflict into story telling and peace making.  

Jimmy begins this interview sharing about his formative years growing up in New England as a minority.  

At the 21:55 mark, Jimmy shares how a devastating and life threatening accident eventually opened the doors for him to get involved in HIV advocacy and hospice work.

At the 41:45 mark, Jimmy shares how his work for the state government led him to being recruited by governments internationally.  

At the 48:00 mark, Jimmy shares how he began to help people transition from fighting and resistance to story telling.  

At the 51:54 mark, Jimmy shares how he began to teach local activists to find the solutions to their problems from within themselves and not look to anything externally.  

At the 1:03 mark, Jimmy talks about his current work with immigrants and war refugees in the United States.  

At the 1:13 mark, Jimmy talks about the scale he uses in his personal life to measure true catastrophe from the illusions of catastrophe that seems to cause our greatest amount of stress. 

This is an epic conversation that you don't want to miss...Enjoy! 

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