Episode 56: Why Your Prayers Go Unanswered...

In this episode of The Love Cast, I talk about why the prayers of so many of us go unanswered.  This episode begins by exposing the religious fallacy of surrendering our intentions and desires at 'the cross' and why this concept is damaging to us psychologically. I also talk about the healthy concept of surrendering our attachments, however, and why intentions and attachments are not the same thing.  

At the 12:26 mark, I get into why our prayers seemingly go unanswered and how many of us unintentionally block the answers to the very prayers we are praying.  I discuss the necessity of our personal operating systems to be congruent with what we have intention and desire for and why the dismantling of our foundational assumptions and beliefs about reality are key to bringing our personal operating systems in line with our intentions / prayers.  

At the 23:26 mark, I talk about the power of personal coaching in regards to identifying and addressing incongruity within our personal operating systems and the prayers / intentions we have been asking for.

At the 25:50 mark, I introduce my friend Krystal to the podcast who I've had the privilege of coaching this past year.  She describes her experience and the changes in her life as a result of her operating system being adjusted.  

Give this conversation a careful listen and enjoy.

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