Episode 57: Sacred Sexuality

Why do we have sex or seek to engage with another sexually?

In this episode of The Love Cast, we discuss a mature subject matter that might not be suitable for young ears.  This episode deals with the topic of sexuality, and more specifically, sacred sexuality.

Most conversations about sex and sexuality usually come from one of two destructive and harmful extremes.  One extreme views sex and sexuality from a shame based religious paradigm.  This is rooted in the fallacious idea that base human nature and sexual desire is inherently evil, shameful, and is something to be repressed. 

The other extreme takes a reactive and opposite approach to sex and sexuality by viewing it in a casual and non-sacred way.  

In this episode of The Love Cast, Aly Sousa and Jamal Jivanjee seek to shed light on the destructive nature of seeing our sexuality as something shameful to be repressed, as well as the equally destructive nature of seeing sex and sexuality in a casual and non-sacred way. 

Why do we have sex or seek to engage with another sexually?  This is an all important question that often goes un-examined.  In this conversation, we discuss why our sexuality is one of the most powerful aspects of our being that has the potential for great healing and restoration, or for great pain and dehumanization.  There are many layers to this conversation that are important for us to consider no matter if we are married or single.  Give this episode a careful listen. 

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