Episode 52: Relational Dishonesty, Marriage Without Attachment, And The Key To Loving Fully...An Interview With Ethan Jones.

This epic interview with Ethan Jones (from Nashville, TN) will leave you with many things to ponder that has the potential to completely change your understanding of relationships and faith.  Ethan begins this interview talking a bit about his childhood and the deconstruction of his faith. 

At the 12:40 mark, Ethan talks about his discovery that the knowledge of 'right' and 'wrong' is not actually important. 

At the 15:00 mark, Ethan talks about a spiritual experience that helped him see his inherit goodness as a human being and how this altered his understanding of the nature of 'truth'. 

At the 18:45 mark, Ethan talks about why getting honest with yourself will radically affect your relationships that have been built on dishonesty.  

At the 23:55 mark, Ethan talks about why life coaching is like picking someone's pocket. 

At the 26:00 mark, Ethan talks about why honesty is so difficult for many Christians. 

At the 36:55 mark, Ethan talks about why the only way to fully and intimately love and be committed in relationship is through non-attachment.

At the 41:40 mark, Ethan talks about why the need for permanence in a relationship often leads to the opposite.

At the 43:40 mark, Ethan talks about what it means to 'fall in love'.  

At the 45:40 mark, Ethan talks about his understanding of marriage in light of non-attachment.

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