Episode 51: Don't Hide Your Shit, Don't Get Paid For Your Shit, But Accept Your Shit

This episode of The Love Cast starts off with Jamal sharing something personal about a tendency he has had in his past relationships regarding hiding shit, and attracting others into his life that mirror that same tendency as well.  

At the 19:11 mark, Jamal shares that a major reason why so much shit remains hidden is because of relational virginity.

At the 23:55 mark, Jamal talks about being careful to not pay people for their shit or else they will stay mired in their shit.

At the 31:55 mark, Jamal talks about the true beauty and power of owning and accepting your shit. To own and accept your shit is to transcend your shit.    

Let me encourage you to listen to this episode in its entirety from start to finish as this might be one of the most important episodes of The Love Cast to date.    

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