Episode 18: Jamal Interviews Author Matt Distefano

This episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews new Quoir Author Matt Distefano about his upbringing in a conservative religious environment and how this led to anxiety, fear, and ultimately to a season of atheism for him. Matt also describes how he was awakened to the reality of a benevolent, peaceful, and non-violent God.

On November 7th, Matt’s newest book titled: ‘From the Blood of Abel’ will be released via Quoir publishing. This book explores the roots of human violence and how this plays into mainline religious beliefs about a violent and retributive God. ‘From the Blood of Abel’ also beautifully describes how Jesus gave us a completely new view of God from a non-violent and benevolent perspective.

Give this interview a listen and enjoy!

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(Resource mentioned in this podcast is: From The Blood of Able: Humanity's Root Causes of Violence And The Bible's Theological-Anthropological Solution by author Matthew J. Distefano.. This is an Amazon affiliate link.)