Episode 19: An Undissected Love (and a free audio book)

Episode 19 of The Love Cast includes a special gift for listeners of this podcast. Jamal’s publisher (quoir publishing) has been given permission to give away a limited amount of the audio version of Free To Love to the listeners of this podcast.

In this episode, Jamal also shares an audio chapter of Free To Love entitled An Undissected Love which talks about the existence of the all encompassing nature of love (agape, phileo, eros, storge) that dwells all together at the same time in and through us for others in an undissected way. Understanding this can cut through a lot of the fear of close relationships, and can also have a revolutionary affect on how we understand what it means to truly love one another.

Give this episode of The Love Cast a listen and find out how to get your free audio copy of Free To Love.

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